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I do not define ordinary,

who weaves the regular patterns of life,

but creates beyond the bounds of possibility,

I am myself a intruder in my thoughts,

A preacher of my own destination,

A lover of one’s own sensation,

Ravaging the dark shadows of life,

Igniting the fire of my soul,

It kindles to rise beyond everyone,

I exist to celebrate my being,

Because I know ‘being me’ is infinite.

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To know and to know not.

My rough edges might bruise you,

or make you stronger in time

but beware , the scars will be too deep,

that even your words will bleed

I can be the essence of life,

the hope that fills your prayers,

I can ruin the good that exists,

and the life that blossoms life,

careful just the devil knows who I am,

you can no longer understand me,

I am a metaphor within,

A lost traveller in the labyrinth of life,

and I can set the world on fire but still call it rain …